Message from President

Rematech serves customers through supplying the building and civil construction materials, which are, no matter organic or inorganic compound, specialized for reinforcing and repairing the concrete structure.
We supply an array of innovative products such as injection materials for small or large scale concrete cracking, and coating materials for protection of concrete surface and steel bars.
It is important and our motto that we turn our technology and know-how into solutions for customers by not only supplying materials but also extending our service to technical support for construction survey and design, or special application of construction method.
Please feel free to contact our engineer at any time for your solutions.

About us

Company name Rematech Co., Ltd.
Representative Officer Kosei Ishida
Head office Jimuki Bldg 7F, 1-2-5, Hakata-eki-minami, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, 812-0016 Japan
Telephone +81-92-415-3555
Facsimile +81-92-415-3557
Incorporated October 2, 2013
  • Supply of Building and Civil Construction Materials
  • Planning, Research, Survey, Engineering, Construction Management, and Consulting works for Building and Civil Construction
  • All related works for above mentioned


Polymer Cement Mortar

‘SERVE15’ and ‘15D’ are the special inorganic powdered polymer cement mortar premixed with high performance resin and fragmented fiber.
This product can be applied for either spray or trowel finish at the various cases such as ‘FRP-Grid Reinforced Layer method’, ‘SRS method’, and ‘Reinforcing Section method’.

It has excellent workability and performance;
  • It is simple and easy for mixing work adding water by the direction and ready to use stabilized polymer mortar.
  • It is applied for ‘spray method’ or ‘trowel method’ and shows a good workability to have 30mm layer thickness on the ceiling surface with smooth trowel finish by one-time spray without splashing and dripping.
  • Its high performance fragmented fiber shows strong resistibility against cracking by shock or drying.
  • It shows good performance of adhesiveness combining with existing concrete surface.
  • It keeps outstanding long-time material stability, durability and weather resistance by special inorganic primary ingredients.

Application of ‘SERVE15’ and ‘SERVE15D’

It is suitable to apply to ‘FRP-Grid Reinforced Layer method’ for reinforcing work of Bridge Floor and Girder without stopping traffic.
It will increase bearing capacity by adding layer combining with reinforcing material.


It is suitable to apply to Anti-seismic Reinforcing Works of RC Bridge Pier.
It will increase Anti-seismic Capacity by winding on the peripheral of bridge pier combining with reinforcing material such as steel bars or FRP Grid.

It is also fitted to repair Tunnel or Culvert Box by reinforced layer, or to patch and repair the exfoliated part of concrete structure caused by corrosion of reinforcing steel bars, or deteriorated and damaged part by shocks or other cause.

standard mix proportions

Water/sabe15(D) Serve15(D)(blending quantity) Water(blending quantity) Kneaded quantity
Serve 15
One bag of proportion
16% 1bag(20kg)
89bags (1,780kg)
About 11.0L
Serve 15D
One bag of proportion
16% 1bag(20kg)
About 10.8L

※Water quantity change somewhat (3.0~3.4L/bag) caused climate change.

MCI -2018

MCI-2018 is a 100% silence concrete sealer containing time-proven Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors (MCI).
MCI-2018 penetrates deep into concrete providing corrosion protection to reinforcing steel from existing water and chloride ions, or other contaminants.MCI-2018 also provides water repellency by chemically reacting with the cementations substrate under proper aggressive materials.

  • Migrates into even the densest concrete
  • Forms a monomolecular corrosion inhibiting layer on the steel, inhibiting the electrochemical corrosion process between metal and chloride, oxygen, and moisture in concrete
  • Treated substrates are hydrophobic and retain their original appearance
  • Surfaces remain fully breathable and maintain their natural moisture-vapor transmission
  • Blocks carbonation and chloride ion intrusion
  • Extends the service life of structures
  • Easy application by spray, roller, or squeegee
  • Non-toxic, contains no nitrites, phosphates, or chromates
  • No blushing, peeling, or yellowing
  • Complies with Alberta DOT Standards for Type 1b and Type 1c sealers
  • Commercial buildings
  • Parking garages
  • Bridge decks or bridge structures
  • Tunnels
  • Jetties/Piers and other marine structures
  • Off-shore oil platforms
  • Any other reinforced concrete structure

In the case then apply MCI on concrete, by comparison no application, the corrosion speed is 2.5 times, in the case that apply it on a reinforcing rod directly, it was confirmed that to be become a delay to 9 times. Moreover, in the case that using both MCI and Silone, when the efficacy of MCI worked wander fully after disappearing the efficacy of Silone, it is thought that 12.5 times a corrosion delay effect is expected.